Rebar wheel spacers & Wire Mesh - plastic

Rebar wheel spacers
Plastic wheel spacers are used for vertical
and horizontal reinforcements and it gives the required distance Between formwork and rebar’s. Wheel spacers are most extensively used for precast and on site concrete applications.Rebar wheel can be used for multiple purposes. The Wheel can be used for walls, columns,beams, cast-in-place and prefabrication. The Rebar wheel spacers Has a double fastener that works well for welded mesh and for rebar, maintaining them to the center of the spacer. This lateral spacer is strong and light with minimal surface contact. The use of spacers is particularly important in areas with high earthquake activity in combination with corrosive environment (like proximity to salt water of sea), as for example JapanIranGreeceCalifornia etc.

 Rebar wheel spacers

Item Code Concrete Cover For Bar Diameter Packing qty.
ZRW-25 25mm 4-18 mm 1000
ZRW-30 30mm 4-18 mm 1000
ZRW-40 40mm 8-16 mm 500
ZRW-50 50mm 8-18 mm 500
ZRW-75 75mm 6-18 mm 250
ZRW-100 100mm 6-18 mm 100