Heavy Duty Rebar Clip Chair 2015

Heavy Duty Rebar Clip Chairs Provide spaces between ground

and rebar's in foundations and intended for Heavy loads duty applications use, It has optimal stability and can accommodate varying bar diameters up to 24mm.


1 Plastic rebar chair is for concreting support for reinforcing mesh
2 Cheap price and good quality
3 Various sizes available
Plastic rebar Clip chair are suitable for supporting reinforcing bar.

 Heavy Duty Rebar Clip Chair

Item Code
Concrete Cover
For Bar Diameter
Packing qty.
ZRHC-25 25mm 8-24 mm 250
ZRHC-30 30mm 8-24 mm 250
ZRHC-40 40mm 8-16 mm 250
ZRHC-50 50mm 8-24 mm 250
ZRHC -75 75mm 8-24 mm 250