About ZIRCON 2015

Mission Statement 

 Zircon plastic is a company specialized in manufacturing high quality building plastic rebar spacers & accessories industriesand reinforced concrete spacers.

With the efforts of our experienced engineers and professionals.

 ZIRCON PLASTIC manufactures a complete line of chairs and spacers that stabilize the positioning of the wire mesh, steel rebar, and other custom parts used in reinforced concrete  construction.

ZIRCON goal is to be your preferred vendor by providing you with superior value, quality, and service. Our commitment to innovation allows us to provide our customers with reliable and easy-to-use products that save time and improve efficiency. We are always happy to make specific product recommendations, answer your questions, and provide whatever technical support you need.

Read Our Company Brochure (PDF,1.4 MB).

Product Benefits

All ZIRCON Products, plastic rebar supports, slab bolsters, stackable chairs and other concrete accessories were developed to assist in lowering production cost while speeding up the construction process of concrete architectural walls, roads and bridges. Our rebar supports are lightweight, yet durable and impervious to water. Our plastic rebar supports help to prevent rust, corrosion, and subsequent premature spoiling, discoloration or concrete failure.

Other benefits include:

Ease of use -- supports can be placed directly on liner

Will not rust or corrode

No concrete discoloration

Undetectable small footprint

Reduces set up time, labor and material cost

Only 33% the weight of metal bolsters

High strength engineered plastic

 Zircon has become a leading local manufacturer for full range of reinforced concrete  plastic spacers  rebar chairs, rebar wheels, rebar capsPVC chamfers, tubes and other building accessories and more in Jordan-Amman.

Adhering to the principle of friendly cooperation and mutual benefit; honoring the contract strictly,Taking reputation and quality as top priority, offering punctual delivery and excellent after-sale service, we successfully sold our products locally and looking forward overseas international market.

Our products are highly approved by customers. Any distributors, wholesalers and contractors, who are interested in marketing our products, are sincerely welcomed.

Our products quality is matching the biggest companies in such field such as Pozzolan, rebarplastics, Inc and Lomont Molding LLC.

Our Mission

To do our best to meet or exceed your needs and expectations in products...every day High Standards of Quality, Performance and Reliability.